General FAQ

Why are some of the available channels in Spanish instead of English?

We are committed to offering as much English-language programming in our line-up as possible.  However, due to copyright issues and our location in the Caribbean, we are often considered a part of the Latin American Region and therefore receive programming in Spanish.  The language distribution for our overall channel selection is 80% English and 20% Spanish, and we are constantly improving our programming to provide adequate options for all of our viewers.

Why is the programming offered on Latin American versions of certain channels different than US programming of the same channels?

Some programs are only approved for broadcasting in the US and are not available in the Caribbean or Latin America.  Others receive approval after they broadcast in the US.  We are always working to provide more US programming and are happy to add additional programming when it becomes available.

Will programming return to the line-up that was previously offered?

When agreements for previously offered channels become available, we will consider adding them to the line-up.  We are always looking for new programming to enhance our current selection and offer the most options to our viewers.

Who is Atlanta Tele-Network?

Atlantic Tele-Network recently changed the company name to ATN International (ATN), reflecting our increasingly diversified business, both in terms of geographic reach and expansion into renewable energy services.


ATN and its portfolio of companies invest, own, and operate communications companies and renewable energy assets in the US and Internationally. Through our operating subsidiaries, we (i) provide both wireless and wireline connectivity to residential and business customers, including a range of mobile wireless solutions, local exchange services  broadband internet and video services, (ii) provide distributed solar electric power to corporate, utility and municipal customers and (iii) are the owner and operator of terrestrial and submarine fiber optic transport systems. For more information, please visit

Where can I get information about your rates and packages?

Information about our rates and packages is available right here on our website. Click here to view the PDF Pricing Sheet.  You can also stop by our business office in Madame Estate and we will be happy to show you your options.

What documents do I need to apply for Cable TV?

We are committed to making your service experience a smooth one. Please assist us by bringing the following documents with you when applying for Cable services:
  • Identification
  • Names of person(s) authorized to do transactions on the account
  • Verification of physical address
  • Verification of mailing address
  • Form of Payment
  • If you are renting, have your landlord complete and sign this "Landlord Building Attachment" form.

Do I need to sign a contract for Cable TV?

No. We do not require you to sign a contract.

Do you air local programming?

Yes, we air local and regional programming on Channel 15 and Channel 20.  Please see our rates for local programming here.

Where can I pay my Cable bill?

You may make payments at the following locations:
  • At Our Business Office: See a customer service representative at our Madame Estate Office to pay by Debit Card, Credit Card (not American Express or Diners), cash or local check. Currency accepted: Antillean Guilders or U.S. Dollars.
  • Check Payment Drop Box: There is a payment slot located on the left of the main entrance of the Madame Estate Office. Your check payment with payment coupon in an envelope can be dropped off at any time. Your account number and telephone number should be indicated on the check and the envelope.
  • Bank Payment: Payments may be made at any Windward Island Bank or Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) bank location. Your Cable TV Subscriber account number must be given to the bank teller.
  • Online Bank Payment: Subscribers with accounts and Windward Island Bank or Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), may sign up with their bank for the online system and simply select their Cable TV account when making a payment.
  • The Mail Box at La Palapa in Simpson Bay:  Types of Payments- Cash, Debit and Credit Cards (excluding Diners and American Express).

What forms of payment do you accept?

See a customer service representative at our Madame Estate Office to pay by Debit Card, Credit Card (not American Express or Diners), cash or local check. Currency accepted: Antillean Guilders or U.S. Dollars. Drop Box payments must be paid by check.

What is your Bank Account #

Windward Island Bank (WIB): USD account 21644805 - ANG account 21644903

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC): USD account 8200000403904468 - ANG account 8200000005908197


High Speed Internet

What is Cable Internet?

Cable Internet refers to the delivery of internet service over cable network. A cable modem is used to transfer data signal using unused bandwidth on a cable television network. Cable internet is capable of providing higher connection speed than DSL internet service. With CableNet you have a choice of 1 MB/512Kbps (download/upload rates) or 2 MBs/768 Kbps.

How would I benefit from Cable Internet?

The advantages of Cable Internet are:
  • High connection speed: Cable Internet works faster than any dial-up connection around without the inconvenience of tying up phone lines. It is also faster than most DSL service!
  • Convenience: You are always connected to the internet. Unlike dial-up modems, cable modems make it possible to always be online, without tying up phone lines. Cable Internet works through the cable wires, just as our television sets work, to provide the fast and reliable service everyone looks for in an Internet connection.
  • Does not affect your phone line: You don't need to switch your local phone service provider. In fact, Cable Internet connections do not even require a phone line — so it is the perfect option for those who have traded in their landlines for wireless systems.
  • Connection speed is not affected by the distance from ISP operation center: Unlike DSL, Cable Internet service does not degrade based on increased distance.
  • Easy setup: We will provide you with a self-installation kit.
  • Consistency and reliability: Cable Internet is considered the most consistent and reliable of Internet connections. Unlike DSL connections, location has no bearing on how fast or consistent your Internet connection will be.

What are the rates for CableNet?

CableNet service is available at different speeds and with options for both Residential and Business customers. Please see our rates page for more information.

How do I apply for CableNet?

You can sign up for CableNet at our business office in Madame Estate. For your convenience, you may download our sign-up form here and prepare it prior to your visit.

Does CableNet offer support for the service?

Yes, you can contact the CableNet help desk 24/7 at (721) 543-0037.

Where is CableNet available?

CableNet is available in select areas including:
Pondfill Road – W.J.A. Nisbeth Road (upper part) – Ch.E.W. Vogesstreet – E.Camille Richardson Street (upper part by W.I.B.) – ZoutsteegD.A. Peterson Street – University Boulevard – Festival Village – Rock Salt Road – Brime Dr – Soualiga Road – Backstreet (upper part), Part of Cannegieter Street – Lower Part W.J.A. – Nisbeth Road – Percy Labega Street – Manzanilla Steeg – Tamarinde Steeg – John e. Richardson Road – Lower Part of Backstreet  - Praktizijn Steeg – Kruythoff Steeg – O’nasha Jones Street – Ruben R. Pantophlet Street – Armenhuis Steeg –Sisal Steeg – Little Bay Road – Lower Part of Frontstreet (Cemetary Area) – Spanish Fort Rd – Spanish Fort Drive – Fort Willem Road – Fort Willem Drive – Fort Willem Dr – Fort Hill Road - Smalle Steeg – Visser Steeg, Backstreet – Frontstreet – Cannegieter Street – D.C. Steeg – Rink Steeg – Pastorie Steeg – Nisbeth Steeg – Cyrus Wathey Square  - Wilhelmina Steeg – Gevangenis Steeg – Apothekensteeg – Van Ramondtsteeg – St. Jan Steeg – Afloop Steeg – Groene Steeg – Hotel Steeg – Lood Steeg – Korte steeg – Hensy Beaujon Steeg – Smidsteeg – Pompsteeg – Weduwen Steeg – Schuine Steeg – Schrijwerkensteeg – Drukkensteeg – Visser Steeg.
Guana Bay Road – Guana Bay Drive – Ivory Shell Road – Canoe Shell Road – Queen Conch Shell Road – Carved Star Shell Road, Guana Bay Rd – Part of Sucker Garden Rd (from Guana Bay Entrance to Flanders Bar) – Hope Estate Drive – Hope Drive – Hope Estate Rd – Experiment Estate.
Arch road – Sucker Garden Road (from JoJo Construction to Arndell’s Lane) – Pendant Cactus Road – Crown Cactus Road – Claw Cactus Road – Matthew’s Lane – Umbrella Cactus Road – Organ Pipe Cactus Drive – Leaf Cactus Drive – Arndell’s Lane – King of the Sea Drive – King of the Sea Road, Christmas Cactus Drive – Naked Boy Hill Drive -Pantophlet Drive – Bell Cactus Drive – Column Cactus Drive – Golden Barrel Cactus Drive  - St. James Road – Plymouth R0ad – West Band Drive – Melford A. Hazel Road – Defiance Haven Hotel
Pin Cushion Cactus Dr – Part of the Keys Road
Statia Drive - Old man cactus Drive – Mount Repose – Davis Drive – Freeport Drive – Pine Garden Estate – Pinel Drive – Eluthra Drive – Defiance Drive – Rice Hill Gardens, Middle Region main road (From Tony’s Printing until entrance Madrid Drive) -    Romeo's Drive -  A.J. Richardson’s Drive -  Boquia Drive - Richards Drive -   Madrid Drive – Lake’s Drive(Virgin Gorda), Castries Drive - The Valley Drive - Gumbs Drive-  Basseterre Drive -Basseterre Road -   Brill's Drive -    Middle Region (from Madame Estate on left side up until above Bobby's Bar)-   Middle Region (from Madame Estate on right hand side until just  above Chinese supermarket before Tony’s Printing) - Mount William Hill - Woods Drive - Mount William Hill Drive - Bern Drive - Paramaribo Drive - Mayaguna Drive - Bridge Town Drive - George town Drive -  Illidge’s Drive - Bryson Lane, Port of Spain Drive.
BELVEDERE ESTATE               
Golden Grove Estate Road – Grand Fond Estate Road – Lottery Estate Road – Villa Estate Road – Sugar Mill Road – Bow Estate Road – Anna Hope Estate Road – Griesel Estate Road – Rockland Estate Road – Goldne Rock Estate Road – Freeland Estate Road – Foga Estate Road – Careta Estate Road – Delight Estate – Belvedere Estate Road – Prospect Estate Road – Happy Estate Road – Grove Estate Road, Marie Galante Drive -St. Johns Drive -Trinidad Drive - Tortola Drive - Sombrero Drive - Statia Drive - Margareth Bruce Drive - Browns Drive
Grenada Road – Guadeloupe Road  -  Van Gogh Straat – Vondel Straat – Pieter Breugel Straat – P.C. Hooft Straat – Paulus Potter Straat – Dominica Road – Phoebe Road – Candelabra Cactus Drive – Hispanola R0ad – Cinnamon Cactus Drive – Jumping Cholla Cactus Drive – Spring Garden Drive – Arch Road
Zagersgut Road - Zagersgut Lane -  Cottage Drive - Tassel Road - Roses Road - Bush Road, (from the Herald to The Jerk Restaurant) - Blijden’s Drive -  Tanzi Drive -  Sorrel Drive - Winter Green Drive -  Sage Drive
Coralita Road –Amaryllis Road
Flamboyant Road – Dahlia Road – Amaranthus Road – Bougainville Road – Buttercup Road – Part of L.B. Scott Road – Meadowlands Drive – Part of Marigot Hill Road – Part of St. Peters Road – St. John’s Estate Road – Emancipation Drive – Independence Drive – Ponnum Drive – Stilwater Drive – Maubey Drive – Treadmill Drive – Lily Road – Carnation Road
Betty’s Estate Road – Camelia Road – Pointsetta Road – Gardenia Road – Gardenia  Drive – Queen of Flower Road – Bleeding Heart Road – Jasmine Road – Sun flower Road – Bleeding Heart Road – Jasmine Road – Sun flower Road – Buttercup Road – Arbutus Road
Abraham Heyligger Road – John S. Gibbs Road – Thomas Artsen Road – Diedrick Matthew Road – W.R. Plantz Road – Milton Peters Road – Johannes C. Raap Road – R.S. Nicholson Road – Jose Lake Sr. Road – W.B. Peterson Road – John Larmonie Road – Jacobus Barry Road – Beryl Richardson Road – W.F.M. Lampe Road – Peter Hassell Road – Lionel Conner Road – Louisa Hazel Road – M.A. Hazel Road – A. Richardson Road
Carrot Road – Lettuce Road – Cabbage Road – Cucumber Road – Tomato Road – Arrowroot Road – Beet Road – Plantain Road – Raddish Road – Boulanger Road – Potato Road – Reward Road – Pumpkin Road – Cassava Road – Okra Road – Waymouth Hill Road – Cherrynut Road (higher part) Pumpkin Road
Parts of St. Peters Main Road – Lemon Road – Genip Road – Tangerine Road – Strawberry Road – Raspberry Road – Coco Plum Road – Banana Drive – Watermelon Road – Soursap Road – Lime Road – Grapefruit Road, Messapple Road – Peach Road – Pear Road – Cherry Nut Road (lower part) – Pawpaw Road – Apricot Road – Marigot Hill Road – Part of L.B. Scott Road (main road) Parts of St. Peters Main Road – Apricot Road – Pomserette Road – Avocado Road – Tangerine Road – Lime Road – Sugarapple Road – Grapefruit Road – Passion Fruit Road – Retreat Estate Road – Honey Dew Road – Cantaloupe Road
Tiger Road – Hyena Road – Lion Road – Impala Road – Leopard Road - Welgelegen Road - Welgelegen Drive - Welgelegen Lane, A.J.C. Brouwers Road (the right hand side streets only): Hyssop Rd - Marshmallow Drive -  Peppermint Drive  - Blanket herb Road - Anise Drive - Balsam Drive - Nutmeg Drive - Sarsapilla Road
New CableNet areas are added regularly & this listing is subject to change. 
Please contact the St. Maarten Cable TV office to find out if CableNet high speed internet service is available at your home or business.

Digital Transition 2012

I am paying more for my cable service. Is it worth it?

Yes. The additional incremental cost per month offers you a clear DVD quality image and sound, and the opportunity to offer more services. Digital cable also makes available to you a new, easy to navigate Interactive TV Guide, and a more updated Parental Control option.  These are only possible through digital technology.

Is there a connection/installation charge for my Digital box?

Connecting your new digital cable box is in no way different from connecting your analog cable box today.  We will provide you, the customer, with an instructional brochure on how to connect and care for your digital cable box when you come in to convert.

Is there an additional deposit with the Digital box?

For existing accounts that have been active as of Jan 1, 2012, no additional deposit will be charged. For any additional digital box that an existing accountholder requests, a deposit of $50.00 is required, in addition to the installation fee. The deposit per digital box for any new account is $50.00. Accounts disconnected prior to December 31, 2011 are required to pay the difference on deposits on their account.

Why is the cost of the Digital box different from that of the Analog box?

Digital technology is more progressive and expensive than that of our regular analog technology.  For example, Interactive TV Guide and eventually Video on Demand (VOD) are available with digital.  The cost of purchasing, shipping, and preparing a digital cable box for a customer is incrementally more than that of an analog box.

What are the advantages of Digital Cable?

Digital cable offers you more premium and complementary services for the same price you pay for that premium today.  Over the next few months, customers will receive new channels and Digital Music, all for the same price of that premium today.  In addition, the ease of the Interactive TV Guide and the improved Parental Control option are only available through the subscription of digital services.

How does Digital Cable compare to those satellite dishes?

There is no expensive dish to buy, no expensive or difficult installation, either.  In addition, you will not have to deal with obsolete equipment or providers that disappear.   You will get all the local channels without the need for an additional external antenna.  There are also no unsightly satellite dishes protruding from the side or top of your home.
Digital Cable does not have line-of-sight issues (cable does not have to be in direct, unobstructed view of a transmission tower). The service is delivered into your home via a cable line. Additionally, we have a highly professional and skilled staff with years of experience to assist you in correcting any problems you may encounter.

How do I get Digital Services?

Stay tuned to Channel 15, listen to the radio and read the newspapers every week for listings of what areas are eligible for conversion to digital.  You will have to bring your analog cable box, your remote and coupon book to our office to convert.  Please make sure to bring you identification card with you since we must validate your records. If you are not the account holder, you must send a letter of authorization from the accountholder indicating that you have been asked to perform the transaction. Our Customer Service Representatives will assist you to make the transition to digital easier.  For more information, you can always call our office at 542-4361 or visit our St. Maarten Cable website..

Why do I have 90 days to convert?

The ninety-day conversion period was implemented in order to make the transition from analog to digital, as efficiently and quickly as possible, while minimizing the inconvenience to our customers.  During this transition period, premium services will be carried on both analog and digital cable boxes. After the 90-day period is over, you will only be able to see our current premium services along with the new additions with digital boxes.  We will be discontinuing the channels through the analog cable box permanently.

What is the monthly charge for digital cable?

There will be an additional monthly charge per cable box of $1.05 for most subscribers that had the black analog cable box.  Customers that had the gray analog cable box will pay a slightly higher cost since the volume option has been standard for years but was not available with the gray cable boxes. The Customer Service Representative will make adjustments to your coupon books.

Do I get a discount on additional Digital Boxes?

We are not able to offer discounts on the equipment.  The cost of purchasing, shipping, and preparing a digital boxes for a customer is incrementally more than that of an analog set top.

Is there a limit to the number of Digital boxes I can get?

For residential accounts that are in the same dwelling, you can get as many Digital boxes as there are paid outlets on your account for your home. If you require additional digital boxes on your active account, you will have to sign up for this and the installation will be scheduled for an available date.

Will there be changes to the channel line-up?

The new digital channel line-up will start from Channel 100 and it will be listed by Genre. The digital line-up listing will be available in hard copy, on our website, at our office and in the newspapers.

Why do some of the channels on the digital line-up just have the guide and why are there gaps in the channel numbers?

There are two reasons. First, perhaps that channel is not part of a package you subscribe to, so refer to the channel listing to see which channel is available in which package.  Second, that channel is reserved for the HD service of the prior channel that will be available soon.

What do I do with my analog remote?

The analog remote must be returned with the analog box when you come in to convert to avoid being charged for the equipment. You can purchase additional digital remotes, which cost $ 12.60. The analog remote will not work with the digital converter.

What is the Interactive Guide?

The Interactive Guide by Rovi, allows customers to view digital cable TV program information in a variety of formats - from listings to detailed information about specific shows. By using the digital remote, you can see what's happening on a specific digital cable TV program, and view in-depth TV program information at the same time. List digital cable TV programs by "themes" or categories such as football, cooking, or Pay-Per-View.

What do I do when I arrive home and I am not able to connect or see any digital service?

You can call our office 542-4361 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily for support.  If the Customer Service Representative is unsuccessful in solving your problem over the phone, a service call will be issued for a Technician to come to your location and resolve the issue.

How do I set-up up my new Cable Box?

Please download and read the PDF file for detailed information.

I noticed that changes have been made to the channel lineup. Why is that?

Changes to the channel lineup were essential in order for this system to be in compliance with regional programming requirements. Some channels had to be eliminated, however new channels were also introduced. The new, diversified and dynamic lineup includes MSNBC, The History Channel, BBC America and Azteca International.